Canadian Crown

Royal Tours

The Queen and members of the Royal Family are frequent visitors to Canada. Find out about current and past Royal Tours.

The Crown

The Canadian Crown is one of our major national institutions and symbols. See how it has evolved over time as a uniquely Canadian institution.

The Royal Family

French and British kings and queens have reigned over Canada since 1497. Hundreds of years later, Her Majesty and the Royal Family are part of our collective heritage.

Royal Symbols and Titles

Discover the many royal symbols of the Canadian Crown and members of the Royal Family and learn about the criteria for Royal patronage and title "Royal."

Royal Portraits

Download or order a copy of the official portrait of Her Majesty and see the painting of Her Majesty, commissioned in honour of the Diamond Jubilee.

Educational Information

Learn more about Her Majesty and download A Crown of Maples to discover the history of the Crown, its current role, and its importance in Canada.

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